Gastronomy has always been a very competitive environment with tight profit margins, which has led to an operational need for efficiency and guest satisfaction.


Challenges faced by the hospitality industry: lack of staff, overloaded kitchen and waiter staff, inefficient service, which leaves guests dissatisfied.


Digital systems for order and payment processes offer a simple digital solution that makes it possible to put the guest experience first, save costs and optimize the process.




Order & Pay Online System Advantages

The table is occupied for a shorter time and thus the turnover per table increases with even more satisfied guests.

Quicker ordering process with no waiting time, just scan the QR-code, order and pay.

Cost and resources are cut as fewer waiters and/ or food carriers are required, yet even more guests can be served with fewer staff.

Due to improved customer experience studies forecast increase in sales by 3% to 25% for digital menu usage.

No registration, no data collection, no payment or credit card numbers capturing.

By using the digital menu, waiters can pay even more attention to their guests.


Digital Menu

allows guests to access the digital menu via the QR code on the table, order food and drinks and pay online. The order is then transferred directly into the restaurants’ POS system via API as if using an Orderman or similar device.

Progressive Room Service

a progressive Room Service option where guests can access all services and/or products through a QR code in the room, restaurant, bar, wellness, pool bar, beach bar, rent e-bikes or water equipment, buy products or gifts…, and book them to their room.

Simple Stock Module

with the QR code you can easily control what is in stock and what is not (apple strudel, cake, ...).

Table Reservation System

the guests can book a table online through your website​

Advanced Takeaway

the guest can order food and drinks online via your website and then pick them up themselves or get them delivered.

Effective Kitchen Module

serving schedule from when to when the warm kitchen is available, and that you can close the kitchen in case of overload, or just block one or more products.

Strategic Slot System

automatically controls the availability of the kitchen in connection with the restaurant, takeaway, room service, ...

Advanced Cross-selling

merging several companies/locations so that the guest can also order/book and pay for all offers in the app.



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